Hiteq expertise

What does Hiteq do?

Hiteq is an expert in making trends, developments and visions of the future visible and translating them to the present. What professions will your company need in ten years? What organisational changes are needed for this? What are the consequences for education? Hiteq uses methodologies such as scenario development and backcasting to answer these strategic questions.

Over the years, Hiteq, in collaboration with a close network, has built up expertise in areas including learning, youth, the labour market, society, technology, future energy provision and mobility. This knowledge is available in thematic modules.
Our programme leaders draw on these themes in their work as consultants and process managers. We have appropriate presentation and work methods for every situation. Workshops with assignments and discussion are an effective method as participants translate their learning to their own situation.

Knowledge and consultancy
Hiteq works both independently and together with stakeholders from its network on issues of general interest to the technical sector. Apart from this, companies can commission Hiteq to carry out customised projects concerned with learning and working in technical professions. We have a number of case examples of our work, and these also include the names of clients.


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