Mission, vision and strategy

Future of technology
Hiteq makes it possible for technical companies, employees and centres of learning to continue developing technical skills.
Hiteq brings the future requirements for technical skills into today’s world. By doing so, Hiteq helps give direction to the development of learning and working. So that people can perform to their best ability in future professions.

With eyes open to what is happening in labour, politics and society. Aware of the relations between the different societal developments. Taking advantage of them proactively. Working on a healthy future for organisations. To be one of the innovation engines behind responsible economic growth, welfare development and well-being in the Netherlands.

Networking on the future of technology
Hiteq fulfils a particular role in company networks, centres of learning and organisations that focus on technical training and professions. Its strength lies in knowledge of new developments on the interface between technology, professional skills, education and the labour market.As a centre of expertise, Hiteq initiates and facilitates the dialogue about these themes and links relevant players. With the network, Hiteq searches for knowledge and insight into the consequences on professional skills in the short and medium to long term. Hiteq provides advice about the opportunities for developing skills and facilitates the strategic adaptation processes required for preparing for the future.

Towards the future
Hiteq is composed of professionals with complementary qualities. They pick up significant signals at an early stage about future developments and bring these to the attention of interested parties. Hiteq’s staff support strategic decision making processes about the possible implications for technical professional skills. In doing so, Hiteq makes use of scientific knowledge about innovative developments and, together with external experts, expands on it.

Hiteq connects to the current needs of involved parties to work on future issues. It explores and develops these, together with interested parties, for application in the technological sector. This in order to take the right steps into the future today.
Hiteq works on issues of general importance for the technological sector. Upon request it takes on company specific assignments.

Hiteq is a part of Kenteq and works for:
• companies: the positioning and the organisation of companies and staff development;
• centres of learning: the organisation of the educational process and adapting of educational programmes;
• staff organisations: advocating on behalf of members;
• training funds: for an appropriate amount for staff development;
• government, provinces and municipalities: for development of policy, legislation and regulations.


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